High Tensile Bolts & Setscrews  Socket Screws  Black Hex Bolts, Set Screws, Cup, Square, Carriage Bolts

 Machine screws


 Self-tapping screws Self-drilling and cladding fasteners  Studs and studding

 Rivet brushes


 Nylon insert nuts  All metal self-locking nuts

 Bright bolts, setscrews and nuts


 Washers - flat, spring, shakeproof, conical

 Nails & Hammer Drive Screws  Roofing Bolts & Nuts, Thumb Screws

 Nuts - Hexagon, Square, Weld, Slotted, Wing, Cage


 Wood screws, coach screws and plastic plugs

 Rivets - break-stem and solid


Heli-coil inserts  Circlips - internal and external  Pins - dowel, taper, grooved and split cotter pins
 Nylon thread locking treatment  Foundation bolts, hammer and nail fixings and anchors  Turned parts

 Stainless steel fasteners